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Now you can text in a quick question (416) 937-2874

Ordering is easy- Simply call and we will do the rest!

--If you prefer email, follow these simple steps--

1- Click on"order now", then fill out the form, its easy (see step 5)

2- Send in your image or description. Don't worry if your image isn't perfect, we will fix it, at no charge!

3- Then we send you a file to approve, and a online invoice you can pay instantly.

4- Once approved we call you when they are ready for pick up or delivery right to your door!

5-NOTE: It's OK if your order form is not filled out in full or your image isnt perfect, send them in anyway. REMEMBER- if your deadline is under a week, it's best call or text.

Prices (Understanding Button Prices in Toronto)

Under standing how the pricing system works is simple, smaller custom buttons cost less, larger ones cost more. (see prices)

Also realize that the more units you purchase the more the price goes down per unit. There is more than one chart on the prices page

(Chart 1)

the first chart shows the included prices for common amounts ordered, for example 100, 200, 500, 600 units and so on. For example... as seen on the first chart 400 1.5 inch buttons cost $204, that's all inclusive with tax with no hidden fees. What you see is what you get!

(Chart 2)

The 2nd chart shows the cost per unit and price breaks, some clients need a very specific amount, for example 238 lets say for a class reunion where there is exactly 238 coming. Remember you can always call for a quote but if you want to see the break down right away multiply the amount of pins you need and the unit cost then add a $25 set up fee and 13% HST and you will get a final cost.

Sizes (Understanding Button Sizes)

Really the imagination can't be limited to the following rules, however here are some basic guide lines to how the different sizes are used generally by the majority of button clients.

Generally the smaller button sizes like 1' inch and 1.25 inch and even the 1.5 have two major benefits, you get more buttons for your buck so you get more product for less money, as well smaller buttons seem to stick around longer on peoples jackets, bags, hats and backpacks, because they are small they might be less visible but in general "stick around longer", people will leave a small button on for years but will take a huge three inch button off soon after the event is over because its so big.

The next sizes up is 1.75 and 2.25 inch these provide a balance between cost and larger visibility. The 1.75 inch custom buttons are especially popular for this reason, it has been noted the majority of non-profit organizations get the 1.75 inch button probably for this reason.

The large buttons, 2.25 and 3 inch custom buttons have great visibility just as the square and rectangular buttons. These cost a bit more but really get the point across at events where you want to proudly show your support! If you want the public and press to know who you support the 3 inch button is for you. Larger buttons are also used for staff at stores and sales events where clients have to identify staff and or current promotions quickly Visibility can be the key. If so - bigger is better!

The giant 6 inch button doesn't sound like it's huge, but it is! Meant as a commemorative piece, novelty item, costume, joke or art piece. Know what you are getting in to when ordering the six inch button!

Order Now (How to Order Quickly)

At the top of this page there are instructions for this, however the quickest way to order is to text your questions to Buttonboy Toronto -(416) 937-2874.

If you're emailing, send in your image and phone contact. If you like, we'll do the rest and contact you for any information we need to fill your order.

Its always best to click on the "order now". It does not obligate you to buy, it's a simple form that tells us everything we need to start

your order quickly, trust us, texing or calling will get your buttons faster and may even get you a better price.

Location (How To Find Us) Yes there is parking

We are open 10am -10 pm everyday. When picking up your buttons, click on "store location" at the top of this page, it even has a convenient map. Please always call 24 hours before picking up your order unless you're getting same day service.

Contact (More Ways to Contact)

Text- call, or email. You can even call and make an appointment if you wish. We are the only company who uses text communication, so please feel free to use this service, customers really like it!

Fast - Easy -Effective, Everytime! Best Prices and Fastest Turn Over, Guaranteed!

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